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2:00pm Sunday, September 15th
Steelhead Bluegrass Band
2:00pm Sunday October 13th
$18 suggested contribution
$18 suggested contribution
The "Steelhead Bluegrass Band" is a contemporary bluegrass band based in Kitsap County, Washington. Their music ranges from sweet love songs to the hard drive and excitement of traditional and contemporary bluegrass. Strong vocals are the centerpiece of the band, but let's face it, these folks can pick. You'll be hard-pressed to keep your foot from tapping and your heart from singing along. So come on down and enjoy, just like all "Steelhead" they are hard to catch, but worth it---

Guitar and Vocals- Terrence Enyeart, Bass and Vocals- Deb Enyeart

Mandolin and Vocals- Melody Allen, Banjo and Vocals- Marcus Culbert
"Two of Denmark's leading folk musicians take you along on a tour around the music traditions of their home country."

Kristian Bugge (fiddle) has specialized in the strong Danish folk music traditions. He is very
active on the Danish and Scandinavian folk music scene as well as in the rest of Europe
and North America, both as a musician and teacher.

Sonnich (accordion, harmonica, vocal) is a master of Irish, French-Canadian, and especially Danish traditional tunes. During the last 25 years he's been leading the revival for diatonic accordion and harmonica in the Danish folk music. Sonnich holds a special place in his heart for the music from the Western Island of Fanø, where his family is deeply

Ruthie Dornfeld and Morten Alfred Høirup
2:00pm Sunday, November 3rd
The Debutones
2:00pm Sunday, November 10th
Miles and Karina
2:00pm Sunday, December 1st
$18 suggested contribution
$18 suggested contribution
$18 suggested contribution
Bill Evans
Jim and Susie Malcolm
February 16th
Caridwen and Greg Spatz
April 12th
Roots music is a wellspring for Copenhagen guitarist Morten Alfred Høirup and Seattle fiddler Ruthie Dornfeld, who have been collaborating for over thirty years in The American Café Orchestra and other groups. This concert will feature their original music (along with some traditional tunes), drawing inspiration from folk traditions of America, Scandinavia and beyond.
On fiddle and vielle (medieval fiddle), Ruthie Dornfeld's lyrical style and fierce rhythm have won her fans among dancers and concert audiences alike. Fluent in a wide range of traditional styles, she has performed for over forty years in the USA and internationally, from the Brazilian Amazon to Helsinki, Finland.
On guitar and vocals, Morten Alfred is well known and respected in the Danish roots music scene as an innovative and deeply original guitarist, singer, and composer. He spent 10 years touring with the phenomenally successful Danish fiddle and guitar duo Haugaard & Høirup, has been a member of Gangspil and many other bands, and has won ten Danish Music Awards (the Danish "Grammy").
$18 suggested contribution
$20 suggested contribution
$18 suggested contribution
The Debutones excel at bringing to light hidden gems of acoustic roots-based songs with compelling stories and beautiful melodies--some country, some folk, and some bluegrass. The 'Tones' love and command of the music they play come through in every song, delivered with their signature vocal harmonies and stellar instrumentals.

Debby Nagusky and Don Share had been singing duets for over two decades when three of the Pacific Northwest's finest musicians joined them, and they became the Debutones. Their repertoire took on an entirely new feel, with these three's musical ideas and instrumental and vocal virtuosity giving the songs new life, depth, and intensity. Adding to Debby and Don's vocals and guitar work are Greg Glassman, vocals and bass; Julian Smedley, vocals, violin, and viola; and Bob Knetzger, Dobro and banjo.
Beppe Gambetta
October 4th
Combine accordion, banjo, samba, swing and twang, oh yeah, and guitar into one pot, and something's bound to happen.
Their music is influenced by recordings from the 40's, 50's and 60's and includes virtually all American styles. Karina plays the accordion, ukelele and glockenspiel and Miles plays guitar, banjo, fiddle and percussion and both of them sing.
Delightfully Quirkish! Sometimes disturbing, often beautiful and always entertaining - everybody loves Miles & Karina.

M & K are excellent composer/songwriters, having written all but 7 songs on their 4 recordings.

Date and who will be with him is not yet determined.
For the past 30 years and more, Jim Malcolm has been the ultimate Scots troubadour, taking the traditional songs of Scotland and his own prizewinning compositions to all corners of the UK and around almost every state in the USA. His voice is one of the finest in Scotland, and his mellifluous guitar playing is the perfect accompaniment. He plays mouthorgan to a standard you'll rarely hear.
This year he has another trick up his sleeve, as his wife Susie breaks loose from the office to join him in concert. You may have heard her voice singing harmonies on Jim's CDs, but with their children off to pastures new Susie is now entering stage left. An award-winning traditional singer herself, Susie sings songs from the North East of Scotland and has a penchant for ballads.
Their 2017 debut album as a duo, "Spring Will Follow On" was warmly received and has been widely played across two continents. Together they offer harmonies and humour…tales from the road, the riverside and from the home front, and are not to be missed.
Caridwen and Greg Spatz have been playing music together since first meeting in 2000, as instructors at the British Columbia Bluegrass Workshop in Sorrento, BC. Founding, core members of the celebrated Washington State acoustic world-music quartet Mighty Squirrel (www.reverbnation.com/mightysquirrel) they are known as well for their stellar, individual fiddle work with the ever popular bands John Reischman and the Jaybirds (Greg) and Prairie Flyer (Caridwen).

Their new recording, All Along The Sea (Corvus Records), features vocals and instrumentals, original and traditional, from a gamut of styles - Celtic, French Canadian, British, Klezmer, old-time and jazz - but highlights most of all Caridwen's uniquely haunting and multilingual vocals. She has been hailed as having a voice "made for Celtic music…lyrical, ethereal…expressive, flexible and utterly charming" (Audiophile Audition) and she is just as at home singing in Gaelic or English as she is in French, Yiddish or Ladino. Backed by Greg's inimitable "knockout" bouzouki stylings.

Gambetta's playing and singing stand out for their intimate emotions, communication, research in tone, sobriety and humour. An inspired music that modestly avoids relying solely on his high level of technical excellence, but also reveals the innermost feelings of a brilliant, playful mind that is always exploring and innovating while staying firmly rooted in tradition.

With America in his heart and his roots in the sun and the olive trees of the Mediterranean sea, he naturally and seamlessly bridges the shores of the two continents, creating in spite of the interposed ocean a musical "koiné" (fusion) where American root music and Ligurian tradition, emigration songs and folk ballads, steel string guitars and vintage harp guitars not only co-exist but interact, weaving a deep dialog unaware of any rigid classification.
$18 suggested contribution