Welcome to Nancy's Farm

Jim and Susie Malcolm

7:00PM Wednesday

February 14th 2024

$25 Donation at the door.

Cabin Fever NW

Bryan Bowers

2:00pm Sunday

March 17th 2024

$25 Donation at the door.

Jim and Susie in Boat

Jim and Susie Malcolm

7:00pm Wednesday, February 14th 2024

Jim and Susie Malcolm return to Nancy's Farm on Valentines day for another great evening of musical entertainment.

Jim Malcolm is the ultimate Scots troubadour. Traveling the world with his guitar, harmonicas, and engaging wit, he sings the traditional songs of Scotland and his own masterfully crafted songs in a style which is modern and accessible, yet utterly authentic. He is highly regarded as an interpreter of the songs of Robert Burns, and has been described as "one of the finest singers in Scotland in any style".

His wife Susie is an equally great singer and performer. Their love for each other shows through in their witty banter and wonderful harmonies. In previous years Jim has been traveling alone while she stayed home and raised their two children, now that they are grown she is able to travel with him and has grown on her own to be a wonderful performer.

So do your lover a favor and come out for a wonderful evening on Valentine's Day. For more information you can go to Jim and Susie Malcolm Website

Bryan Bower

2:00pm Sunday, March 17th 2024

Bryan Bowers is one of the best autoharp players as well as a great story teller. For over four decades, Bryan Bowers has been to the autoharp what Earl Scruggs was to the five-string banjo.

He presents instrumental virtuosity combined with warmth, eloquence, expression and professionalism.From his rather unglamorous beginning as a street singer, Bryan Bowers has become a major artist on the traditional music circuit. He has redefined the autoharp and is also well known as a singer-songwriter.

Bryan has a dynamic outgoing personality and an uncanny ability to enchant a crowd in practically any situation. His towering six foot four inch frame can be wild and zany on stage while playing a song like `Dixie' and five minutes later he can have the same audience singing `Will The Circle Be Unbroken' in quite reverence and delight.

Margor Ruthie and John in 2017

Margo Murphy & John Roberts with Ruthie Dornfeld

2:00pm Sunday, April 7th 2024

Raised on different shores of Puget Sound, Margo and John each fostered a love for duet harmony singing. John, a longtime member of the Bellingham-based Nooksack Valley Boys, has spent most of his life working on commercial fishing boats, which seems to have put a salty soulfulness in his voice. Margo, well-versed in both country and jazz, has serenaded couples on dance floors in Seattle and wooed audiences with her velvet voice. When their musical paths converged in a festival in the NW woods, the result was magic.

Their first album collaboration, The Sea and the Sky, released last Spring and charting on the FOLKDJ list, highlights Ruthie Dornfeld. Ruthie will be returning with them to Nancy's Farm for this concert to add her inimitable fiddle virtuosity.

For more information you can reach out to us at: Nancy's Farm