Welcome to Nancy's Farm

Cabin Fever NW

2:00PM Sunday

November 12, 2023

$25 donation at the door.

Cabin Fever NW

Jim and Susie Malcolm

7:00PM Wednesday

February 14th 2024

$25 Donation at the door.

Cabin Fever Group

Cabin Fever NW at Nancy's Farm

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Alternate Root Magazine says "Imagine Simon and Garfunkel singing with the Carter Family's devotion." Praised for their gorgeous vocal harmonies, compelling songwriting, and masterful instrumentation, Cabin Fever NW brings their beautiful music back to Nancy's Farm. Fans of bluegrass, singer-songwriter, folk, gospel, Americana, and country music find much to love about their vibrant sound and performances.

What began as an adventure by two best friends, Cabin Fever NW has grown into a powerhouse ensemble including Dianne Bochsler (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Tara Caldwell (vocals, claw hammer banjo) of Bellingham, WA, Ed Johnson (vocals, lead guitar) of Menlo Park, CA, and Paul Elliott (fiddle) of Seattle, WA.

Dianne Bochsler's musical career began by singing duets and playing guitar with her father. And, she adopted an important piece of his life philosophy: happiness is playing a guitar and singing with friends. Her love of the stage took her all the way from upstate New York to Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. When she saw the music scene in the Pacific Northwest, she realized she had to be part of it.

Tara Caldwell's musical roots rise from the mountains and prairies of Alberta and the folk traditions of the labor movement. An accomplished singer and songwriter, Tara finds inspiration in the brighter spots as well as the darker corners of human experience. As a two-year-old child, she experienced " imprinting " with the banjo and has been following it around ever since. When Tara met Dianne nineteen years ago, they discovered their near-perfect sibilant harmony and immediately grew ambitious about performing, recording, and living out their musical dreams together.

Ed Johnson is a master of musical styles ranging from folk to Brazilian to classical. He is highly esteemed and sought after as a guitarist, bandleader, record producer, vocalist, teacher, and musical consultant. His vibrant, original contemporary jazz recordings have earned him fans and airplay worldwide. Ed tours regularly with numerous bands, including his own Novo Tempo. You can find Ed at Ed Johnson Website

Paul Elliott is an extremely versatile and respected West Coast fiddle player. He has performed with The Good Old Persons, John Reischman, Michelle Shocked, Alison Brown, Buell Neidlinger, and many others. His recording credits span film, television, and radio, and a long list of recordings including Scott Nygaard's No Hurry on the Rounder label.

Check out Cabin Fever NW to find out what they are up to.

Jim and Susie Malcolm

7:00pm Wednesday, February 14th 2024

Jim and Susie Malcolm return to Nancy's Farm on Valentines day for another great evening of musical entertainment.

Jim Malcolm is the ultimate Scots troubadour. Traveling the world with his guitar, harmonicas, and engaging wit, he sings the traditional songs of Scotland and his own masterfully crafted songs in a style which is modern and accessible, yet utterly authentic. He is highly regarded as an interpreter of the songs of Robert Burns, and has been described as "one of the finest singers in Scotland in any style".

His wife Susie is an equally great singer and performer. Their love for each other shows through in their witty banter and wonderful harmonies. In previous years Jim has been traveling alone while she stayed home and raised their two children, now that they are grown she is able to travel with him and has grown on her own to be a wonderful performer.

So do your lover a favor and come out for a wonderful evening on Valentine's Day. For more information you can go to Jim and Susie Malcolm Website

For more information you can reach out to us at: Nancy's Farm